Caroline Tattoo Gallery

Here are some examples of Caroline's recent tattooing work at Urban Ink. If you see a tattoo or a design that you like, mention it when you come into the shop or book your tattoo.

About Caroline - I am a partner of Urban Ink Tattoo Studio. I'm currently a tattoo apprentice and have also been the laser removal technician here for over four years.

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Urban Ink Tattooists

Lee Woodruff - Tattooist
Lee Woodruff
I am the owner of Urban Ink Tattoo Studio and have been tattooing for eight years. I have been interested in art since primary school and I specialise in black and grey realism and cover-ups. My work is at the highest level in all aspects of tattooing.
Kirstie - Tattooist
Kirstie Griffiths
I did my A Levels and Foundation Degree, then went to UCLan to study Fine Art. Shortly afterwards, Lee took me on at Urban Ink as his apprentice. I have been at the studio for four years and specialise in black and grey.
Caroline - Tattooist
Caroline Woodruff
Profile coming soon.
Claire Canning - Tattooist
Claire Canning - Tattooist
Profile coming soon.


"Had a tattoo done at Urban Ink yesterday. Nice & chilled venue with a TV to watch as well while it's being done. I absolutely love my new tattoo, it's better than I imagined. Definitely 100% recommend Urban Ink."