Lee Tattoo Gallery

Here are some examples of Lee's recent tattooing work at Urban Ink. If you see a tattoo or a design that you like, mention it when you come into the shop or book your tattoo.

About Lee - I am the owner of Urban Ink Tattoo Studio and have been tattooing for eight years. I have been passionate about art since primary school and I specialise in black and grey realism and cover-ups. My work is at the highest level in all aspects of tattooing.

0161E883 ED62 4609 AE64 FA091DABDEDA.jpeg
01CA3777 C70C 4691 8C17 074B8682FD58.jpeg
0206C704 19E7 4FC7 AB9D 20E2B4A38A68.jpeg
039CF28A D088 4130 B799 99940079D07F.jpeg
041F07DD 611B 474E 8969 F376EF3D0C8C.jpeg
0420E3CB CD1E 4686 A969 DD7176C8F98C.jpeg
063E8FA8 79DB 42F0 8F65 E1C2E8180348.jpeg
07808C39 161D 4F83 B5A6 665770BBCCC5.jpeg
084AA421 6A28 493E A03B AF5AD26191B0.jpeg
08701CA6 A0BE 4701 922E E6F73EC52FF6.jpeg
08901D78 8FDF 49D9 883B 8B32832FF8B4.jpeg
0A36EC2D 3822 478C A560 30CBE4BFC4A5.jpeg
0B601B28 B6C0 4D0B ABF5 929236C8BBB6.jpeg
0E7E1E09 4889 43FE A9EA 024E0F9C803A.jpeg
0F715073 128E 41ED 99FC 93A6E11A6BB5.jpeg
116A24F7 691B 4701 BB23 684A9FB6887C.jpeg
134C9C99 B420 4E43 8638 9F601298D4A3.jpeg
1445ABCF 0E70 4FF8 B083 9CADF7330791.jpeg
152D9B85 5A2D 4CE1 8EB1 8C1CAEF6ADB2.jpeg
1756C491 0944 48E8 9BF7 FD9AF6F4AA49.jpeg
1788D774 235E 49AF 8B8A AA26B1D865B6.jpeg
18BF4E73 1113 49B3 A0F2 FE6BCB2267B3.jpeg
1B631C25 4966 4325 A34D 98A92DA981F1.jpeg
1D80D0DF 1237 4F9E 81B6 05D5B95F6954.jpeg
1E7EAD24 1EF3 41D0 8AD9 BFD6F75C2B9C.jpeg
2114A475 BC05 4573 AF78 96857DF84E4B.jpeg
21F1E825 CBE0 4A58 81D4 C9B30672B3EB.jpeg
2307F40A 6CA2 4427 8E00 55C046AEDD0A.jpeg
2559BFD4 3755 40D0 B3BF A8004FE543B8.jpeg
255B7FF5 B6C9 4C02 8AEA 0F8B01B097E5.jpeg
25E5F285 917B 4CDC 93A8 954D71354F46.jpeg
25F8083F 2E60 4969 8D5B 086038892D91.jpeg
29CBDD69 6EEA 46F5 8B85 34851BBA9197.jpeg
2B9BD71A DC93 417B A6AF 1421A0A3BB43.jpeg
2E79F347 5B11 43F4 A0F0 9680734752B3.jpeg
2FB09ABD 8661 4DFF ACED 707D40CAE93F.jpeg
3023739D F330 4D5A 86FD EDBB83911346.jpeg
30C17FBB 3353 4B7E ADBD E41DFD5DB467.jpeg
3150AD23 5CE5 4327 9B0B FF1AB8F51716.jpeg
325E8E5E 9076 4B98 A4C3 9C5C19275E1E.jpeg
35A9551C 846C 4980 9C73 0592A52BA3F4.jpeg
35C47A94 841A 4858 A191 255BD0A633D6.jpeg
35E0FB87 0799 4D59 AAA6 72DE30A67393.jpeg
35FC228E 6D9C 4A3A BBD5 CCB4351BB137.jpeg
382FD516 626E 4EE9 A2CB E91D55DDCFB4.jpeg
38CCB721 A56D 4A4A 97C8 9FBFB87793B6.jpeg
3902C85F 5F34 4EA2 9E86 153C8B9B0FFF.jpeg
39220B11 72D7 4BDB 8921 8AEDAA1FAAD7.jpeg
3A2A2509 2726 4DEB 9D7A B8864CA57A9E.jpeg
3AEDBB64 9D49 4CC7 B178 05FCA92DE94F.jpeg
3B768012 5DF7 4F66 B6E3 A763137E8499.jpeg
3D7E2559 DEA4 4E04 8326 179728AEFF8A.jpeg
3DD75728 66F1 4058 9A43 CE015288E2B1.jpeg
3E78431E E754 492A AECB F041D7CF2F37.jpeg
3FD10558 43D5 4286 95BD 136FE4151731.jpeg
40A60FFB E788 4278 81C4 4E5598D8A077.jpeg
40ABCF2D 4FB0 4640 B015 D4E62DDA1F61.jpeg
412783AD 49E1 49D7 B0B9 885CBEAAE390.jpeg
415CBDDC D827 4076 BFB8 5DAB4979B702.jpeg
41699980 5A6F 4167 9476 08CA1B12FBE1.jpeg
42AD0DDE 70E0 48FF 8E31 6E451B192E84.jpeg
42B0CEA6 0A03 42E7 80E6 AF23EDB9B701.jpeg
433DC976 73C4 4829 A26C F7B69930844D.jpeg
43957CFD 53D7 4622 91AE C01FBB1A5EE0.jpeg
4419CBED E71E 4BCF A844 52E5FC364A94.jpeg
4436270D 68A4 4638 9AFD D9E14FF099B8.jpeg
4533CCBE FDE4 43D6 97B2 BF45BE29B396.jpeg
45B14554 C9CB 48DC B940 FFD446831BF3.jpeg
45B60EBD 34A5 4A51 B75B 75340217FB96.jpeg
46A466D9 84B6 4601 8F6D 68CE3DC77DDC.jpeg
478E5275 5994 4F67 BE8D D63C292FA3AB.jpeg
4B8A3C5A CE7C 4124 A190 85CB05FB7161.jpeg
4D3A7B50 0090 44D6 97B2 14C5AB993C0F.jpeg
4E70CFAC 4FA9 431B BBAC 01BA5E234411.jpeg
51106B13 9B0C 4C0F 93B0 55CD7970670A.jpeg
51E0FA63 AC6B 4D02 A980 3A613B8904C7.jpeg
523E28DA 6D38 4A8B B1F9 683872BF1580.jpeg
526CD1F7 9652 4A0B A989 57024876F73B.jpeg
52C23BB4 27CF 4F72 961C 898A555BACBF.jpeg
53E9D126 DF55 4F9E 8F69 B69B33E3B42D.jpeg
5A694110 BC30 427C 82DC 4AF762B63314.jpeg
5C46B2FC 52F6 41EA BDDF 6078EA7B33DF.jpeg
5DE401D6 D584 4C6C B2CF 7C605E7CB383.jpeg
60D5963C 1306 4DE1 B271 D800557A829B.jpeg
61536518 58F0 4090 8816 EE8B9DE84931.jpeg
61D346AE 37A7 4CB3 A5F5 F1F65CB4951B.jpeg
625B89C6 CAB1 4A05 9B7F AD337B114D31.jpeg
6368FA1A 4F41 40FA ADAE FB9DBF270396.jpeg
63C87B22 1F5F 48BE 8472 B3BC4939381C.jpeg
64EF7151 5795 45C5 A991 5123326A41B4.jpeg
6706F743 C8C8 4210 AE4F B96F28DEE545.jpeg
6798B416 23E6 46F7 97FB B93B4BEBA2A2.jpeg
684F00FC 1F71 4077 A1E5 E5053F7DEDAE.jpeg
68FE26E9 7BCE 44FC 9F52 0AF1C1AF68C7.jpeg
6AE38CD4 765C 498E A4D6 FA109D5816CB.jpeg
6C7D7F7F 420C 4259 BD60 BD2DA1E8C90D.jpeg
6DE58FA8 178A 4CF3 98AB 1CD0B086A721.jpeg
6E9A1C08 A385 40AF 8B4F C41C05E25A31.jpeg
70FC39EF F789 499C 95D3 48D45A8A9BBB.jpeg
7242AD06 72DC 4A3E 84A8 A725E80A68C2.jpeg
7278019D 7944 4728 A0B9 20FFA867BAD9.jpeg
7334B618 7BC7 4ACB 8602 37511B7FF1CA.jpeg
73786225 6980 40F8 8532 CBA9DBE00951.jpeg
75ABFA6F 19C6 4E06 92EA 0F5D0C7DABBE.jpeg
77C8E4A5 D6BA 4BF2 9317 DDB5414E6088.jpeg
78ED0ED9 2DDB 4A9B 9A9D 1A8A51B6B653.jpeg
79C4E6F3 975B 48B4 B266 3FF08B2AE44A.jpeg
7B225ED6 16A4 4872 81BE 2C346E0239CC.jpeg
7B2EE8B9 6AB2 4E1A 9FE0 33E04A3DC146.jpeg
7DCA0F85 86E7 4C7E 8878 E2EF5A1B854A.jpeg
7F3B08CC DA11 4698 BBB1 929AFDFD7D43.jpeg
7FFA777A A259 40A3 A0DA 9D9BC2C86D0C.jpeg
8159DD96 6355 49C9 8BBA 3F6634B4BB20.jpeg
8196FA51 4EDE 4B9A A921 A6D23E939A5F.jpeg
8370AE88 0740 4F39 B9EA 96286058C101.jpeg
848481ED 8826 470A A90A E9AD5A6FE455.jpeg
859EF49B 0F88 432F 8028 E77F8EC850EE.jpeg
86E37DB1 5E70 41BA BA3D 63091E22DF4D.jpeg
8711915E 5F0A 42FA 94FD 3DF56A0D5262.jpeg
876993A7 34F7 4E4F 876E C4894D3BB877.jpeg
88D24E1C 3887 4C2B 907E 19C9EAABC424.jpeg
89ADC62F E90F 40B2 9514 2665D3819913.jpeg
8AAB632A 6EB6 4FD0 91AD FAA29C02682E.jpeg
8AD9B591 7326 4614 B20E 6E9E43A9A45A.jpeg
8BA9CB80 5FAE 4FB4 9BA7 03E907477542.jpeg
8C25106C 07DE 4A37 9390 5720CD152D72.jpeg
8D2040C5 FBFF 402D B430 8B71CB4707B2.jpeg
8F7C48DE 3664 445B 9179 E993396F4A5E.jpeg
8FA94FFD 2122 4D82 9F19 30B8A0336A81.jpeg
906B512F 07A6 41FC 835C 74FDEE7D1236.jpeg
90D6EBB0 38F5 4FED A762 2B47608F7212.jpeg
91F9707D 83D9 4DDC 8DFC 42137005BE9D.jpeg
923588E5 0ABB 4E14 9BF4 9F689FBD0E48.jpeg
94310D1D E148 49ED BC15 35397D2A30F2.jpeg
997ED875 C084 4B7E 99DE 81133C7DCB02.jpeg
99B1C86C CC0E 44C5 86F2 8212AD32132F.jpeg
9ABA7401 FA61 4CBD A142 5CF7041C6ED6.jpeg
9C1855E8 56F0 4275 A57C B7312BFE1F8D.jpeg
9D550E0C DECD 4968 AC84 F764D9645DB3.jpeg
A1C9C610 FA58 4F6D 9112 D2462998CBE0.jpeg
A2A65A72 7884 4CE1 9113 3CFCD7427E77.jpeg
A5A3C12E EC34 49AE 9BAB F1CDBDE9A16D.jpeg
A629DF76 9DD2 4F23 AADC 170430B2AF46.jpeg
A893F1A8 7FB6 42CB A281 51E809DE17A3.jpeg
A8A8A6F3 484A 43C2 9658 A4CE880BE42F.jpeg
A9B727EA F65A 4268 8EEB 0F57A2F47988.jpeg
A9BB791E 3577 407D B255 36FA65916A38.jpeg
AA1BA762 63CD 4F4E A20B DEA3546692D4.jpeg
AC2B54CD 10C9 47CF A9F7 B401C8FDAA43.jpeg
AC9ADCE6 50A2 405C B1E8 04976C36124A.jpeg
AE806C4B 3732 4A45 BCDF 16E4FE2CA7FD.jpeg
B36ABDC0 407C 4FDC 9D06 8E85AACEBAB7.jpeg
B3A32B53 00B7 4950 94EE 302FF603D2F4.jpeg
B787DBB1 97C3 4650 953B 66E91E4196F7.jpeg
B848C62E 9187 49D0 BAD1 A3ED658056DE.jpeg
B91CA9D1 E3AB 470E AC38 7CBF1B40D202.jpeg
B92561FC 9177 4CE5 98AA 048F6B3E3B59.jpeg
B9485D15 231A 42D9 91C7 25C856162DA7.jpeg
B9FD45BE F601 4C17 97BC 33F2FFDB23D6.jpeg
BB3F3058 02DC 47C3 953F B5D921379CC5.jpeg
BBF9FEEC 09B0 4F14 9FAB CE5402A86ED3.jpeg
BC07DEDD CB95 458C B9F5 E07B5C7C3BCB.jpeg
BC4710E3 DF0F 4F4A BF72 28353F593804.jpeg
BD1E00C2 40EA 4633 BC16 6BB37B4DAA58.jpeg
BE65F90A 0D29 4DE4 80EF 5CF2EABECB5A.jpeg
BEE056D9 6CC1 4306 9E4A 2B72646398F2.jpeg
C1983A74 AC45 442C 9330 B18329E725E4.jpeg
C5304023 2F05 4C15 9784 5BF2859070E0.jpeg
C921E4A4 B1D3 45DA A2DB 23C344A290B9.jpeg
C98E489F 8275 4254 9971 7C333A2686A2.jpeg
CC8C575F 95FD 4322 BCB4 822181D6F679.jpeg
D053C278 C581 43E1 BDB8 6B30BF92A26A.jpeg
D1B556C6 6549 402B 9D9B 6B4BE3264ED4.jpeg
D234EE00 01C5 4607 8FAA E605F3BDEDE8.jpeg
D2C802B6 93D8 4B98 B4CA 2789B13257CF.jpeg
D321254A 8CEF 4848 A8A2 0700935D40E4.jpeg
D41995E5 ECE6 4ECA 9C89 AA8FF13114BA.jpeg
D431DF3E AB45 4841 83ED 69F1087FF9B3.jpeg
D54D5EA5 B376 4340 8BB6 9307663C3EBB.jpeg
D57222EA 6DA3 4FB5 B253 F3DF3BD789F8.jpeg
D57CD96A C852 4F5B 804E 5B9D621CFAD7.jpeg
D7765502 50A8 414F B7D9 74C23DF93B91.jpeg
DA5841E2 2864 4C3C A49E D0247BFCD0C0.jpeg
DA848E8D 18D3 4B1C 8E83 6A7D0C503F61.jpeg
DAAF490C B329 4E41 9433 B10FBCDD6B47.jpeg
DBD38113 546A 4DD0 AC39 2C02342C6E4C.jpeg
DC8A62A7 1142 4A24 9355 F81A6F308352.jpeg
DEEEDC4E F554 41CD A4CD 0846090F6C87.jpeg
E05A26D9 EDF4 4C77 89A6 A0AE938D4614.jpeg
E176BFF0 B177 4E72 82D6 18AFA600C7FB.jpeg
E1EF1A58 BDA2 4AF9 BC44 5F1AC2798E72.jpeg
E2F0D960 44EB 46B3 80A1 4486D7F8374E.jpeg
E3077A4E 07D4 4833 8C0E 01B220E5FCE8.jpeg
E3114C6A 7D6A 4B63 B215 D9BE8D98C955.jpeg
E316D2AC 233A 4BB7 B620 944D4A03476D.jpeg
E3C95632 2EE0 4C7F ACB9 25B864ED5776.jpeg
E564691D 7070 44EA A977 79C426B7228B.jpeg
E618DF65 E7B4 4532 BAD0 536374D6DC05.jpeg
E750A273 E8EC 44A3 AFBB 1A43876C97AB.jpeg
E84B8571 9558 45CA 943A B39A5B63F6FD.jpeg
E93AA86E D31D 4CB1 80FC 44AD2D63EFFE.jpeg
E99A1320 D325 45C8 92C0 1F429714F9E7.jpeg
EBCFCF6C 985D 4ED4 AF9D 773AC8B66124.jpeg
F02F3068 95C6 460A B760 059165DBAEBD.jpeg
F3EEA186 08FC 494D AD89 D1742A772BF7.jpeg
F4BCD69E 3F3A 4AED 97B2 71B47301A12E.jpeg
F5E753E0 72ED 4C84 A625 BC229A8A9EEF.jpeg
F7C5D769 8E0D 4A78 9833 02A54B9A13A9.jpeg
FDCC43CC 8E73 4034 BC03 1732C7623040.jpeg
IMG 20170522 122614.jpg
Untitled Artwork 3.jpg

Urban Ink Tattooists

Lee Woodruff - Tattooist
Lee Woodruff
I am the owner of Urban Ink Tattoo Studio and have been tattooing for eight years. I have been interested in art since primary school and I specialise in black and grey realism and cover-ups. My work is at the highest level in all aspects of tattooing.
Kirstie - Tattooist
Kirstie Griffiths
I did my A Levels and Foundation Degree, then went to UCLan to study Fine Art. Shortly afterwards, Lee took me on at Urban Ink as his apprentice. I have been at the studio for four years and specialise in black and grey.
Caroline - Tattooist
Caroline Woodruff
Profile coming soon.
Claire Canning - Tattooist
Claire Canning - Tattooist
Profile coming soon.


"Had a tattoo done at Urban Ink yesterday. Nice & chilled venue with a TV to watch as well while it's being done. I absolutely love my new tattoo, it's better than I imagined. Definitely 100% recommend Urban Ink."